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The mission of our DAO’s is to use the equation of intelligence ∆∞Ο as the North Star to create a universal standard for system design and optimization.

The Intelligence Black paper is the Genesis paper or #0 of Intelligence. All NFT’s are pegged to this Genesis paper via IPFS CID hash. NFT collections will be pegged to the genesis and each NFT must have the following 3 initial attributes [ infinitesimal: “∆∞Ο”, infinite: “0∞1“, finite: “010” ],to create the Spine of the asset.

Intelligence Paper NFT

1% Public Mint Launch at 0.0111 ETH each

30% We release 6 rare Black Papers via Airdrop to random Intelligence hodlers

60% Unlock the Intelligence Brand NEW GLOBE UTOPIA® Store .

90% 50 Intelligence paper NFT’s that were withheld from Public Mint Launch will be used for giveaways, puzzle rewards, competitions and general promo purpose to help grow the Unified Intelligence community.

100% Finalize The Intelligence currency(Token) and begin development of Our Interaction(Meta) machine (more information soon). Owners of the Intelligence Paper NFT will entitled to an airdrop of x amount of The Intelligence currency(Token) during launch.