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Intelligence Paper NFT

The Intelligence Paper NFT is a collection of 5056 unique NFT’s programmatically generated from over 180 possible traits, including symbolic abstractions, mathematical notations, impactful academics, and more. All Intelligence Paper NFT are rare, but some are rarer than others. Each NFT is pegged to the Intelligence Black Paper #0 Genesis Block and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. Each NFT must have the following attributes [infinitesimal:”∆∞Ο”, infinite: “0∞1”, finite: “010”] in their metadata to create the Spine of the Asset. Because the asset is domain agnostic, we decided to offer minting on multiple blockchain networks. This asset will be available as an NFT on The [Solana, Polygon & Ethereum] Blockchain networks. 1500 Papers on Solana, 1500 on Polygon, and 2056 on Ethereum. All 5056 NFTs are pegged to the Black paper #0 genesis in the Metadata.

This NFT is a 50-page academic publication, titled “ The Intelligence Paper”. The Publication is unique because it presents a novel theory that formalizes a definition of intelligence that has eluded philosophers and academics for centuries. This asset defines Universal Generalized Intelligence. Essentially, the equation presented in the Genesis #0 black paper and this NFT is the blueprint of our Universe. If intelligence is the genesis of our universe, it holds the organizational principles for the rest of our universe. Thus the implication is that matter is just an expression of this abstract intelligence. This means that everything in our universe from fundamental particles to biological systems can be explained by this simple new abstraction.

Historically, academics received prestige and occasionally cash prizes for their discoveries. Occasionally, these discoveries are impactful enough to transcend the academic institutions and make it into popular culture. Two examples are Albert Einstein’s famous Energy-Mass equivalency equation E= mc2 and Erwin Schrödinger’s wave function equation for a quantum-mechanical system. Despite their popularity, both equations were not implementable in the daily lives of the average person. We believe the equation of intelligence presented in this paper is as impactful as the aforementioned equations and also universally applicable at all scales and perspectives. Imagine owning a piece of e= mc2.

To make the dissemination of this Intelligence interactive, we decided to not only publish the academic work but also create this Intelligence NFT that gives the average person an opportunity to partake in the dissemination and implementation of this Intelligence. This NFT is a Black Paper asset that is domain agnostic, meaning that the asset holds its value regardless of what platform it is hosted on. The asset is backed by the fundamental immutable abstraction equation of intelligence outlined in the peer-reviewed publication “Dimensional Complexity and Algorithmic Efficiency”. Perks: This NFT doubles as membership to our two DAO’s Nguenergy.eth, UnifiedIntelligence.dao, and it grants priority access to members-only benefits.

Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. The mission of our DAO’s is to use this algorithm as the North Star that helps connect us to each other and make our current systems and machines symbiotic with our environment. Attributes: The Intelligence Black paper is the Genesis paper or #0 of Intelligence. All NFT’s are pegged to this Genesis paper via IPFS CID hash. NFT collections will be pegged to the genesis.

Mint Below : Note: Remember that you must have ENOUGH ETH (mint price + gas) in your wallet in order to mint. Metamask is a highly popular wallet for NFTs and works best on Google Chrome.


Sample Mint: