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Unified Intelligence

Mint Your Intelligence Black Paper NFT Coming Soon.

[Solana & Polygon & Ethereum]

About Us

Today’s global energy system is largely based on fossil fuel use and is no longer sustainable for a growing and increasingly global population. Solar energy and other sustainable energy systems are too inefficient to handle this growth.

This uncertainty persists throughout many of our societal systems as systems get more complex. NguEnergy.eth an intelligence-driven organization focused on developing systems for navigating complexity.

Our research at Ngu Energy is governed by our belief that all systems are fundamentally emergent. The point of emergence is the anchor for all systems. We aim to use this anchor which we call Intelligence, to re-orient and design more complete and consistent systems

The mission of our DAO’s is to use the proposed equation of intelligence ∆∞Ο as the North Star to create a Universal Intelligent Spine for system design and optimization. The Intelligence Black paper is the Genesis paper or #0 of Intelligence.